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Comparing house costs in West Vancouver and Vancouver East Canada real estate

West Vancouver and Vancouver East are two of the several neighborhoods that make up the British Columbia, Canada. They have several differences that are evident in many ways. One of the most prominent differences is the prices of property. Prices per square feet are higher in West Vancouver than Vancouver East. Prices in the most affluent areas in West Vancouver, like Kerrisdale, are as high as $1250 per square feet, while the highest for the Vancouver East is about $650 per square feet in Mount Pleasant.

Chiefly as a residential neighborhood, West Vancouver has very few properties to let and sell. This makes it very difficult to find a property in some areas. The Kerrisdale district is such an area that is very exclusive and very affluent. Prices per square feet are at an average of $1250. It also has very modern shopping center in its arena. The price per square foot for the high-rise apartments are about $1000 per square feet in Kerrisdale.In an area like Yale town, in West Vancouver, most of the residents are middle-class workers who can afford elegant apartments. A typical apartment in Yaletown is between $800-900 per square feet. The apartments near False Creeks in Yaletown are the most valuable, at an average of $900 per square feet. Granville is one of the few areas vancouver residential demand to increase despite bike lanes growth in West Vancouver, where you can find apartments going for $650 per square feet and below.

On the contrary, Vancouver East is a municipality for the middle and low-class, although some rooms can be quite higher than in some places in West Vancouver. One of the upcoming areas in Vancouver East is the Mount Pleasant neighborhood. Served by the Canada Line that connects it to the Vancouver International Airport, prices per square feet range from $580-$650. In Fraser, the prices also very high, relative to some areas in West Vancouver. The average in Fraser is $600 per square feet. However, there are some areas where the prices are lower, like in Collingwood neighborhood where the price per square feet is about $550. However, some of the low-income community are very cheap, and you can find a very classic apartment being sold at $450 per square feet, like in Grandview. The infrastructure is quite underdeveloped, and some commercial properties are sold at $500 per square feet.

West Vancouver is a neighborhood where prices range at about $1000 per square feet while, in Vancouver East, the prices are usually about $500 per square feet.